March 15th- Shoot #3 Call - in to Chris Brown

​                                                   336-465-4090

March 20th - Shoot #3 - 9am Shady Knoll Gamebird Farm

March 20th - Barrel Race - Scholarship Fundraiser -                                Sugar Ridge Arena  Inman, SC

April 5th -     Online Entry Rodeo #13 & 14 - Gaffney, SC

​April 9th & 10th - Rodeo #13 & 14

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There has been a Shooting event added March 20th

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Rodeo draw will also be posted on Facebook before each rodeo (approximately 3 days prior). Please ensure the posted draw matches your request.  If there are any questions or concerns, you may contact the Rodeo Secretary, Sharon Livengood, @ (704) 798 -0432.

The Stock Committee is currently accepting bids for the upcoming season

for rodeos produced by the NCHSRA.

*Rodeos which are not produced by NCHSRA are provided stock via the rodeo producer.

Bids should be sent to Micheal Scism and are due by August 20. 

Micheal Scism can be reached @ 980-721-7970 or

We want everyone to understand that as long as you are going to some kind of higher education, even if it is to earn a certificate or trade in something, you can be eligible for the scholarship. So, even if you are going into welding, blacksmithing, HVAC, hairstyling, can still be eligible for the scholarship so please fill it out! And please ask any questions if you aren't sure about something. March 1st is going to be here before you know it!! Just think guys, in a few short months, you will graduate!!!      We will see you all in Virginia and remember, you can turn your applications in there to Andrea Galliher if you would like to.

Do you have a younger sibling?  Or Know someone that Just can't wait till 6th grade to start rodeoing?

Grades K - 5th

Scholarship Applications Due 

​March 1st

When you send money, be sure to select that you are sending a "friend" money, not a business and not to purchase an item or service.  In the notes, please indicate the contestant's name, the rodeo # & events.

You must agree to pay the PayPal fee yourself before you send if prompted.  It appears that as long as your PayPal account is connected directly with your bank account; the fee is waived when sending to a "friend"!

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​March 8 - Online Entry for  Rodeo #11 AND #12 

March 13th - Rodeo #11 - Love Valley / Ringo Kid Arena

                  Start @ 11am

March 14th - Rodeo #12 - Harmony / Circle G Arena

                  Start @ 11am

***First $200 of Fundraising $$ DUE at these rodeos

                 (unless you were a new member)

Next Rodeos:

Saturday, March 13th - Love Valley / Ringo Kid Arena

Sunday, March 14th - Harmony / Circle G Arena

Online Rodeo Entry for BOTH RODEOS

is March 8th from 8am - 8pm


There will be NO STALLS for these rodeos.  

You can DRY CAMP at either place in between rodeos.

Horses will have to be put in pens or tied out in between rodeos - if you do not have means to camp & have to stay in a hotel,  you will have to arrange for someone to look after your horses while you are away. 

There are several hotels  in Statesville.