Stock Contractor Bids are NOW OPEN for the 2017-18 Season.

The Bids will remain open all season.

We will be taking bids for each rodeo.

To place your bids, contact Jeremy LeRoy at or 336-817-0364.

Your bids must be placed at least 10 DAYS PRIOR TO THE RODEO to be considered.


NEW Chute Doggin Chute Rule
This season the chute doggin will be a straight run chute in front of the roping chute...the traditional left delivery out of the bucking chute will no longer be used. Below is an "entrance view" of a front load chute. The chute will have at least thirty-six inch inside clearance and should be at least six feet long. This may not be the exact chute we use but it will give you an idea. (picture attached)

NEW Tie Down and Ribbon Roping National Rule...
NO JERK DOWN. In the tie-down and Ribbon Roping events, a contestant will receive no-time for that run if he brings the animal over backwards (between 10 and 2 on a standard clock) with the animal landing on his back or head with all four feet in the air.

CLICK HERE to download the sponsorship/advertisement pack to print for your potential sponsors and advertisers!

To view pictures taken by Kandi Stanley in Perry, GA, click the GHSRA logo.  There are a LOT of photos, too many to edit.  Contact her if you want any of the files!  Password protected:  perry