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We will once again be using the YesRodeo website to track entries for each rodeo this season. 

You must enter during the posted registration dates/time for each rodeo.

It will be held at Danner Farms in Statesville.

More information will be shared as it comes available.

Information for our members ...

To enter rodeos this season

  • Are you a 2018 Junior High or High School regional or state champion?
  • Were you awarded a #SloneSaddles #trophysaddle or did you get to design your own saddle with a certificate?
  • Want to WIN a #GenProSaddlePad, #Iconoclastboots and/or a #breastcollar?

The Stock Committee is currently accepting bids for the upcoming season for rodeos produced by the NCHSRA. (1/19 @ Yadkinville, 5/11-12 @ Yadkinville)

*Rodeos which are not produced by NCHSRA are provided stock via the rodeo producer.

Bids should be sent to Junie Williams and are due by August 17, 2018.  Mr. Williams can be reached @ 704.902.0733.

You can now also purchase merchandise from our website!

Rodeo draw will also be posted on Facebook before each rodeo (approximately 3 days prior). Please ensure the posted draw matches your request.  If there are any questions or concerns, you may contact the Rodeo Secretary, Sharon Livengood, @ (704) 798 -0432.

All Contestants will be able to get ONE person admitted to the rodeo for FREE; ALL other attendees WILL be charged $5 each.

When you send money, be sure to select that you are sending a "friend" money, not a business and not to purchase an item or service.  In the notes, please indicate the contestant's name, the rodeo # & events.

You must agree to pay the PayPal fee yourself before you send if prompted.  It appears that as long as your PayPal account is connected directly with your bank account; the fee is waived when sending to a "friend"!

From NHSRA's Safety Committee


Vest must have padding in the chest and back area for protection.  During the equipment check at both finals, if the vest do not have padding they will not be approved. This applies to state/province rodeos as well.


"call in" will take place the Monday before the rodeo (not 2 weeks as in previous years).  Dates are posted in our schedule.

The fundraising requirement for EACH member is $400 for this season.  Please keep in mind that this total can be made up in MANY ways.

  1. NHSRA Truck Raffle tickets.  These are sold as $10 each.  A winner is drawn at the National Finals in July 2019.  (p.s. one of OUR members won it in 2018!)
  2. NCHSRA Raffle tickets.  These are sold as $5 each.  The winners are drawn at the NCSHRA State Finals in May 2019.
  3. Advertising.  In your welcome packet, you were given a breakdown of the advertising options available for the Finals Program in May (yearbook).  These ads can be a business card size up to a full page.  You will be responsible for collecting the money and advertising materials from your sponsors and submitting the required documentation by April 1st.    Leaving just enough time for the program to be designed and printed.
  4. Personal ads.  This is to also be included in the Program (yearbook) at Finals.  There was a page provided in your welcome packet in addition to the advertising information explaining how you can create a page for your friend/family member.  These are great keepsakes to reflect back on.

Rescheduled March 23rd at Danner Farms, Statesville

Seth Ring Memorial Rodeo will be held on Sunday, March 24th!

See Amy Colvard to get your tickets!

Fundraising requirements

$200 of your $400 Fundraising Money is DUE at Multi-state Rodeo!

Information for potential STOCK CONTRACTORS ...


1. Like Slone Saddles on Facebook
2. Send Slone a picture of you with your trophy or certificate saddle in a Facebook message with your full name, state, association and the event you won
3. Promote your picture in our #ShowYourSlone Facebook album by sharing and tagging your friends to get the most likes


[🏆]  WINNERS will get a Gen-Pro pad AND Iconoclast fronts & bells OR a breast collar. *There will be BOTH a junior high and high school winner

Submission period ends Feb. 15th                    Voting begins Feb. 18th                            Winners will be announced March 1st

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