We are offering 3 opportunities for students to reach their goal this year.

  1. NHSRA Raffle Tickets (RAM/Weatherby Benefit Drawing - $10 each)
    • sold world-wide for a chance to win a new truck
    • winning ticket will be drawn at Nationals in Wyoming 2018
  2. NCHSRA Raffle Tickets (prizes & cost to be determined)
    • sold by only NC students
    • winning ticket will be drawn at State Finals in May 2018
  3. Sponsorship / Advertising
    • you will obtain sponsorship and/or advertising from businesses, family and/or friends
    • these will be printed in the program which is available at State Finals in May 2018

New this season, get text message alerts and you'll know

what's happening at the same time everyone else finds out!

We're excited to launch our new online membership program!
NHSRA renewing members & parents: Students will be receiving an email with a login token to the membership program with full details. Here are step-by-step visuals through the process.
Students please NOTE:
-->the "Finish My Registration" token is good for a ONE time click, be sure you ready to complete the process before clicking on the button (registration only takes a few minutes).
--> if you don't receive an email, please check your spam/ junk mailbox.


Just think ... $10 could equal THIS



2017/2018 Membership Information

You MUST submit a completed & signed Grade/Conduct Form when you check in at each rodeo.  Click below to download the form.