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​Step #3 - Read the Handbook and turn in the signed Acknowledgment (last page) to the Secretary

​**BIG NEWS!! - JR HIGH is now 5th - 8th grade!!


Junior High (grades 5-8)


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Only need this form if you are physically attending school

​Step #2 - DOWNLOAD State Application (below),, complete, & UPLOAD to your MEMBERSHIP Account Online along with your 

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High School (grades 9-12)

Required to compete at State Finals

Not a member but thinking of "trying us on for size"?  PERMIT in to a rodeo this season!  It's easy, just ... 

  1. Opt into the rodeo on the ENTRY DATE posted
  2. Complete the PERMIT application
  3. Complete the Minor's Release form (with Notary Public & parents signatures)
  4. Pay entry fees (for events) plus additional $10 "permit" fee. 
  5. View our website, FaceBook page for updates and notifications.

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Each family is required to volunteer time/service at a minimal of 2 performances during the season.  We will be sending a link for "sign up" prior to each rodeo.  Volunteer positions will be filled on a 1st come 1st serve basis.  There is an opt out fee ($100) available to forgo this requirement and will be collected at our first rodeo of the season.

Report Cards are required to be submitted at every rodeo during check-in, they must be most recent version.  They may be emailed directly to the State Secretary if that is easier.  (

SIGNED Conduct forms are required to be submitted at EVERY rodeo if you are PHYSICALLY attending school during check-in. 

Contestants MUST be in full-dress code 1 hour prior to rodeo start time and during the ENTIRE rodeo until last event is complete.

Check in will CLOSE 30 minutes prior to the start time of the rodeo.  NO late check-ins will be accepted.

Pay out will NOT be ready for pick up from the office until a minimum of 20 minutes AFTER each event.  If you leave without your payout, it will be held for you until the next rodeo.  You must sign for your payout envelopes.  Click here to see the payout scale used for NCHSRA/NCJHSRA.

Contestants NOT able to make it to a rodeo in which they have already registered for is responsible for paying those entry fees as well as a "turn out" fee ($50 for bulls/broncs and/or $25 for all other events).  Turn out fees will be WAIVED as a MED OUT only if a note is submitted to the Secretary from a medical (contestant) or veterinary (horse) doctor.  Entry fees are NOT WAIVED.

During a rodeo which is being produced by another organization (i.e., fair or fundraiser), the "performance" show is only scheduled to be a 2-hr event.  The rodeo producer will determine the events & number of contestants of each event that will perform during that "performance".  All other contestants and events will be run during a "slack" show.  The time of the "slack" will depend on the availability of the arena (before or after "performance" or in some cases, the next day).  You will only need to be present during the show that you are competing in.