The Stock Committee is currently accepting bids for the upcoming season

for rodeos produced by the NCHSRA.

*Rodeos which are not produced by NCHSRA are provided stock via the rodeo producer.

Bids should be sent to Micheal Scism and are due by August 20. 

Micheal Scism can be reached @ 980-721-7970 or

Some of our winners from VHSRA Tri-state Rodeo

Jr High Division

How Does Our Rodeo 


When you send money, be sure to select that you are sending a "friend" money, not a business and not to purchase an item or service.  In the notes, please indicate the contestant's name, the rodeo # & events.

You must agree to pay the PayPal fee yourself before you send if prompted.  It appears that as long as your PayPal account is connected directly with your bank account; the fee is waived when sending to a "friend"!


Due MAY 1st


Shooting Division

Fundraising Money Needs to be Mailed in by May 8th - Total of $400

Membership News

We have these to sell !  Use the ticket sales toward your Fundraising Requirement !

is working!

Welcome to the home of

NEW THIS YEAR!  You MUST register online via National High School Rodeo (login/password).  Download & PRINT the forms, SIGN & NOTARIZE, then ... RELOAD THE COMPLETED FORMS BACK TO NATIONALS WEBSITE!  

Forms will NOT be accepted at the state level!

Battle of the Blue Ridge 2020 All Around and Average Winners


*Ad Paperwork w/ Ad Design DUE APRIL 15 for ad to be in program - NO EXCEPTIONS! 

*Money can be turned in up through Staley Rodeo     preferably 

*Everyone MUST have turned in $400 in fundraising Money before they can compete at State Finals!

Rodeo draw will also be posted on Facebook before each rodeo (approximately 3 days prior). Please ensure the posted draw matches your request.  If there are any questions or concerns, you may contact the Rodeo Secretary, Sharon Livengood, @ (704) 798 -0432.

Keep up with Important Info - Cancellations, time changes, etc....

High School Division

Bid Sheets - Wanna be a Stock Contractor

or Rodeo Announcer for NCHSRA?

North Carolina High School and Junior High School Rodeo Association


General Information

What's happening now That I need to know?

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*** Nothing yet to report on State Finals or Nationals as to if they will be cancelled.

All Contestants will be able to get ONE person admitted to the rodeo for FREE; ALL other attendees WILL be charged $5 each.

To enter rodeos this season, follow link on schedule.

eNEw mailing address!!