North Carolina High School and Junior High School Rodeo Association

​​​​boys goat tying

Champ - connor sanders

REserve - sloan stewart

3rd - colt bass

​4th - ty lloyd

​​​​High  school lite rifle

Champ - marshall wells

REserve - kenley wells

3rd - mattie wells

​​​​Bull riding

Champ - james cole

REserve - dustin douglas

3rd - seth robinson

4th - adam Belcher, Silas Turnmire, Zac Shriver

​​​​pole bending

Champ - sienna ricciardi

REserve - katelyn welborn

3rd - cadee carroll

​4th - grace toberer

​​​​Reserve AA Cowboy

connor sanders

​​​​ALL Around Cowboy

​colt bass

​​​​​​​​​year end Winners - Shooting  National Qualifiers

​​​​jh rookie boy

​Sloan Stewart

​​​​Reserve AA Cowgirl

​Kayla Earnhardt

​​​​barrel racing

Champ - aubrey smith

REserve - addie hunter

3rd - katelyn welborn

​4th - amelia cryer

​​​​girls goat tying

Champ - grace toberer

REserve - sienna ricciardi

3rd - addi hunter

​4th - aubrey smith

​​​​Goat Tying

Champ - kayla earnhardt

REserve - EllaKate Phillips

3rd - emma hunter

​4th - cheyenne garmon

​​​​steer wrestling

Champ - caleb brown

​​​​​​​​​year end Winners - jr high school National Qualifiers

​​​​ribbon roping

Champs - jt williams/sienna ricciardi

REserve - colt bass/addi hunter

3rd - ty lloyd/grace toberer

​4th - connor sanders/aspyn crockett

​​​​ALL Around Cowgirl

​sienna Ricciardi

​​​​Reserve AA Cowboy

Jake toberer 

​​​​team Roping

Champ s - emme Colvard/Bryson Anderson

REserve - Jake toberer/davis sewell

3rd - luke lemaster/cole lemaster

​4th - sage dunlap/caden ussery

​​​​​​ALL Around Winners - Jr High School 

​​​​​ALL Around Winners - High School 

​​​​Reserve AA Cowgirl

​Grace toberer

​​​​chute doggin

Champ - ty lloyd

REserve - connor sanders

3rd - colt bass

​4th - sloan stewart

​​​​Barrel Racing

Champ - reagan Fogleman

REserve - EllaKate Phillips

3rd - emme colvard

​4th - emma hunter

Welcome to the home of

​​​​ALL Around Cowgirl

​Emme Colvard

​​​​ALL Around Cowboy

​caden Ussery

​​​​​​Rookie of the Year 

​​​​High  school trap 

Champ - kenley wells

REserve - mattie wells

3rd - marshall wells

​​​​tie down roping

Champ - Clay Livengood

REserve - caden ussery

3rd - jake toberer

​4th - luke lemaster

​​​​tie down roping

Champ - connor sanders

​​​​saddle bronc

Champ - cole gillespie

​​​​Jr High lite rifle

Champ - cash brown

REserve - austin wiliams

3rd - Caleb Culberson

​4th - Gage Bass

​​​​HS rookie boy

Jake Toberer

​​​​Breakaway roping

Champ - sage dunlap

REserve - Emme colvard

3rd - emma hunter

4th - kayla earnhardt

​​​​boys breakaway roping

Champ - JT Williams

REserve - colt bass

3rd - sloan stewart

​4th - ty lloyd

​​​​bull riding

Champ - clay guiton

REserve - brody robinson

3rd - kaleb welborn

​​​​team roping

Champs - colt bass/jt williams

REserve - grace toberer/sloan stewart

3rd - ty lloyd/connor sanders

​​​​​​​​​special awards

​​​​​​​​​year end Winners - high school National Qualifiers

​​​​jh rookie girl

Cadee Carroll

State Finals 2019 - 2020 Awards

​​​​HS rookie Girl

​Emme Colvard

​​​​pole bending

Champ - kayla earnhardt

REserve - claire collins

3rd - emme colvard

​4th - ashlyn wettengel

​​​​bareback steers

Champ - clay guiton

REserve - colt bass​​