High School

2017/2018 CINCH TEAM

Team Cinch Process- 2017-2018
This process is for Jr. High and High School Division Members
This process is based on your State/Provincial Finals Results from your 2017 Finals Rodeo and Cinch Team members must come from the Top 8 in each event on your State Finals Report.
Once you have selected your team, please let the student know which team(s) they have been selected for when you send them their agreement. (We often get kids confused about which team they are on; Rodeo or Shooting Team).

(Taken directly from the National High School Rodeo Association website - click link below to read in it's entirety)

Junior High officers


Team Roping:     Cole LeMaster (C)

Ribbon Roping:   



Goat Tying:   

Breakaway Roping:   Gracie Towles

Barrel Racing:     Emma Sanders (C)

Pole Bending:   Carlie Williams

Ribbon Roping:   Emme Colvard

Team Roping:   Montana Bass


Bull Riding:   Dustin Herman   

Tie Down Roping:   Blake Walker (C)

Team Roping:   Jake Williams


Rifle:   Erin Wills

Trap:   Brooke Simpson


Queen:  Hannah Mumford

Breakaway Roping:     Mattie Colvard (C)  

Goat Tying:       Megan Yankee

Pole Bending:     Cheyenne Garmon

Barrel Racing:     Rhiannon Snow

Team Roping:     Sage Dunlap